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New Store Concept 2016

Developing a new store concept

From 2015 until 2017 I was given the oppurtunity to take part in the development of the new store concept for C&A. As a freelance project and production manager I was operating as the interface between the teams of brand marketing, store concept implementation, creative services, visual merchandising, external creative agencies and production suppliers.

Together we created an amazing shopping experience for our customers. Not only we’ve been creating new ways of communication, but we developed, prototyped and produced every single item from scratch.

After countless drawings, prototypes, material variations and changes, C&A has until now rolled out the concept in more than 150 stores all around europe.

Today, I am very proud and thankful to be given this opportunity and be part of an amazing team.

Take a look at the gallery below to get an impression of the insane effort that has been made.