Your reliable partner for visual merchandising and instore design affairs

I develop and produce custom solutions for your brand marketing. From small presentation displays to advanced tools for visual merchandising.

Over 15 years of manufacturing experience in print, metal construction, woodworking and production management allow reliable and flexible solutions for your project.

My services

Design & Construction

Bringing your ideas to paper. Boost your creative process with quick and concise visuals. Advance your ideas with technical detail drawings.

Prototyping & Production

From theory to practice. Ensure your upcoming production with pre-production models and utilize my broad supplier network.

Consulting & Management

Trouble to get work done? Take advantage of my professional experience and book me as a freelance production manager.

Zvezdan Đukić

Hi, I’m Zvezdan.

I bring the creative design ideas and production-specific requirements together, aiming at a better interdisciplinary communication and thereby better results.

Full data and development service

I'm taking care of all production-specific data creation so that you don't have to.


Creating quick sketches and 3D Models using SketchUp.


Developing manufacturing specifications using Autodesk Fusion 360.


Rendering beaufiful and photorealistic images for design studies and presentations.

CAD Data

All created 3D Models are latest industry standard and compatible to modern manufacturing processes.

Print Data

I provide print data, created with the industry leading software from Adobe.

All in one

The provided files are adjusted to each other to guarantee a flawless production process.

Recent projects

Take a look at some of my projects I've been working on lately and get an idea of what we can accomplish together.

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Find the whole bandwidth of my working process stages and feel free to jump in wherever you want.

Putting the very first idea to paper. In this stage, we focus on the fundamental properties of your desired product. It is all about form, color and global appearance.

I provide you with quick but significant 3D-Models and concept renderings using SketchUp.

Bringing your idea into a feasible shape. We focus on choice of material and production process, define quality standards and develop the product based on it’s purpose, life cycle and of course, your budget.

The outcome of this process is not just a technical drawing but all the required production files for your project.

Bringing theory into practice. Based on my (or your) previous effort, we will produce a manufacturing near prototype to finalize the developmental process.

To achieve this goal, we have access to an established and capable network of suppliers which has grown and improved over years.

Let’s bring it home.

As the supplier network extends internationally, I’m able to provide you reliable products based on metal, wood or synthetic material.

However, the core competence is in the area of integrating different materials into one beautiful product.

Manufacturing methods


Learn about the benefits of top-down production management

The major issue while tendering products is the lack of comparability between different suppliers. As production facilities differ,so does choice of materials, handling processes and manufacturing quality.

Development based on requirement

Use the benefit of my services and make sure that your suppliers have all the informations they need.

Product-oriented production

Create yourself the highest degree of quality control possible and reduce your post-rollout maintenance.


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